HELLA team

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Jean Klinghammer

Caroline Wolff

Alina Bongk

Birgit Krug

I'm Birgit and have been working at HELLA since March 2014. I worked as a journalist and educator on politcs and media for a long time.

I've given radio workshops on racism, homophobia and mobbing for the "School Without Racism" initiative.


At HELLA I work with empowerment, body, sexuality. I also join my colleague Alina for the Queer Café, where girls* over 13 can meet, who are not (only) into boys and/or see themselves as trans*. All my educational work is based on feminism with a clear position.

Other things I like are chatting, playing table football or fiddling with our mixer & sound system. When I'm not at HELLA; I do Thai boxing, rock climbing, rehearsals with my band or I meet with friends at the canal when the weather is nice.