HELLA team

Nancy Rohde

Jean Klinghammer

Caroline Wolff

Alina Bongk

Hi, I'm Alina. I joined Hella in Ocotober 2016. I have a master's in gender studies and I'm a qualified theater teacher. I've worked a long time with girls* in Neukölln on theater projects on racism, feminism and friendship.


What I like most is when you play out your own ideas and stories. Acting allows you to take another role and replay fights, conflicts & extreme situations or use your own songs, videos or dance choreographies. I offer theater classes at Hella every Tuesday and would be happy to see you there.


Apart from theater, I'd like to cook with you or work on our club garden. I'm crazy about karaoke and am a long-time member of the Alliance Against Racism (Bündnis gegen Rasissmus), a group which organizes cool festivals or events against racism, sexism and homophobia. My favorite hobby ever is chatting with my friends.

Birgit Krug

I'm Birgit and have been working at HELLA since March 2014. I worked as a journalist and educator on politcs and media for a long time.

I've given radio workshops on racism, homophobia and mobbing for the "School Without Racism" initiative.


At HELLA I work with empowerment, body, sexuality. I also join my colleague Alina for the Queer Café, where girls* over 13 can meet, who are not (only) into boys and/or see themselves as trans*. All my educational work is based on feminism with a clear position.

Other things I like are chatting, playing table football or fiddling with our mixer & sound system. When I'm not at HELLA; I do Thai boxing, rock climbing, rehearsals with my band or I meet with friends at the canal when the weather is nice.