Counseling & support

queer leben

Help and counseling for inter*, trans* und queer living people

Hermannstr. 256-258

12049 Berlin
Tel. (030) 44 66 88-114

pro familia

Information about sexuality, pregnancy and relationships

Kalckreuthstraße 4

10777 Berlin

030 39849898

Lesbenberatung Berlin

Open place for women, girls, trans* and inter* in various situations. Counseling and contacts in a safe environment and in different languages.

Kulmer Str. 20a
10783 Berlin

030 2152000

Section of antiviolence- und antidiscrimination of Lesbenberatung


Beratung bei sexualisierten Übergriffen auf Mädchen, Frauen und Trans*

Petersburger Str. 31

10249 Berlin

Tel: 030/282 44 27


Help and counseling for girls and young women from 12-21 years (all around the clock) in case of sexual assault, discrimination and other forms of violence.

Also anonymous and on the phone

Mindener Str. 14

10589 Berlin

030 610063

Meeting places for girls in Berlin


Tivolotte - open meeting place for girls and young women

Berliner Str. 28

13189 Berlin
030 4496026


Schilleria - for girls and young women

Weisestr. 51


030 62723602


Alia - center for girls and young women

Wrangelstraße 84A

10997 Berlin 030 23907328


Mädea - intercultural center for girls and young women

Grüntaler Str. 21
13357 Berlin-Mitte

030 49308966

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This blog collects uplifting or outrageous news for all (future) feminists.


Campaign against advertising which discriminates women* and girls*.